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Breakthrough Bass + Blockchain ft. Pathwey

January 22, 2022


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Join us at IRL Underground for a night of bass, exclusive NFTs releases, and NFT discussions lead by Jacob Lill and Lemondoza and learn about how NFTs are quickly changing the music space!

Pathwey is the brainchild of Asheville based producer, composer, instrumentalist, visual artist, and DJ, Andrew Bunyan. Through the fusion of cutting edge sound design, hyper detailed production, and unique composition, Pathwey masterfully constructs captivating auditory experiences. His immersive soundscapes are alive with organic textures, mind-bending basslines, dynamic instrumentations, and evolving rhythms that move the body, mind, and soul. Pathwey has released music through a number of different labels, including Merkaba Music, Street Ritual, Shanti Planti, and Aquatic Collective, and has performed at festivals and events across the US, Canada, and Central America.

With influences covering the spectrum of electronic music, from psychedelic, dubstep, drum’n’bass, and glitch-hop, to downtempo, I DM, ambient, and world music, Pathwey takes listeners on a journey beyond the boundaries of genre into new and unknown realms of sound.  His inspiration stems from many sources, including his past experiences, the beauty of nature, cultures from around the world, deep visionary states, and the unsolved mysteries of life. With these catalysts, Pathwey boldly explores the depth of human emotion, forging a path from our ancient past to our distant future to create a moment of pure self expression.

The intention behind the project is to make a positive impact on the world and its inhabitants. Through fundraising and promoting progressive ideas, Pathwey is not only a journey through sound, but also a vehicle for positive environmental and social transformation.  In an industry driven by trends and consumerism, Pathwey diverges from the herd and carves his own passage through the world of music. Guided solely by the heart and the forces of inspiration, there is no telling where the journey might take us…

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