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System Reboot ft. Attik

February 05, 2022


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After The Network was down for nearly 18 months, hardware sat idling and processors cooling, breakthrough software was waiting to be written, creating a fresh network that would advance technology into an evolved era. As we push into this era and The Network comes back online, engineers have come together to design a new structure, one in which fresh visions, concepts and connections will help facilitate a full framework overhaul, finally allowing a complete System Reboot, and launching us into the next epoch.

Join us on 2/5 as we host 2 legendary aural architects and 1 up and coming fresh face on the scene, assisting the full recalibration, a rockin psychedelic reboot of our system and the new Network forming within.

Leading the reboot, the psychedelic system restoration program himself, TRON…

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Attik, MX
(SolarTech//Expo Recs)

José Manuel Fernandez Tanco is ATTIK’s mastermind. Turning a trajectory and sequence that goes from Trance to Psy-Trance. His fusion of mechanical and industrial sounds lead him to be a massive force when auditory systems jiggle nonstop. Strong, robust, innovative and intelligent are just a few adjectives that could label Attik, only after listening to the precise and elegant power that it produces through sonic stories to understand what Attik really means. His music is an intelligent fusion of high-volume melodies, futuristic textures and dynamic rhythms, since its appearance, he has been in constant evolution, so its agenda is in the sights of the best festivals in the world. Instagram : attikmusic

– [Psy-Sisters]

In 1998 Coral bought her first set of turntables before she even knew what she wanted to spin, all she knew was that she loved music and loved to dance. A year later when she was introduced to the irresistible sounds of Psytrance she was instantly hooked and everything just fell into place. With her insatiable appetite and joy of the music it was only natural that her Dj skills would evolve into the world of production.

Coral’s infectious energy and enthusiasm behind the decks, along with the full power of her musical storytelling, has her traveling to perform at festivals around the globe.

Coral finds her inspiration in the studio from living on a beautiful lake in the mountains of the northwest U.S. where she is able to create Psytrance while surrounded by nature. Her true bliss comes from being on stage and sharing her creations with a packed dance floor while dancing her own ass off as well. When not making Psytrance she can be found chilling with her four cats and is fueled daily by breakfast burritos and a love for soccer.

Please welcome this Colorado favorite back for another round of BLAST!!

– [Iono Music]

Formula None understands psytrance to be bigger than high BPMs, rolling kick drums, or distorted acids. As a DJ and producer, he facilitates mind-expanding moments on the dance floor, channeling a diverse history in electronic music that doesn’t fit neatly into any singular framework.

His fresh approach to the genre has by no means alienated him from the community’s more discerning tastemakers. On the contrary, his releases on such labels as Perfecto Fluoro and Iono Music have been supported by the likes Ace Ventura and Liquid Soul. His dynamic storytelling translates just as well behind the decks, landing him billings at events as big as Global Dance Festival and Decadence.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Formula None’s music is his willingness to let it evolve naturally. Although presently characterized by a seamless fusion of organic and synthetic elements, his style will only expand in dimension with each upcoming release. Through it all, one thing will remain constant: He will make music for the greater purpose of opening his fans’ minds to a universe of possibilities.

As his name suggests, no blueprint exists for the soundscapes forged by DJ/producer Formula None. Join him on his journey through the electronic music landscape to hear where his open heart takes him next.

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Alexander, CO
(( Maharetta Records//Just Dream ))

CyberAttack, CO
(( QB Trance Records ))

Greasy Monk, CO
(( Rocky Mtn Resonance ))