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2611 Walnut St. Denver CO 80205

IRL Underground is a physical and digital art gallery, crypto speakeasy and community event space located in Denver Colorado.  We are creating a replicable model in which physical art, Digital art, Education, crypto and highly curated events can bridge the gap between the metaverse and the default world.


Dec Thu

Crypto Community Meetup

Dec Sat

Viral – An NFT Exhibit

Dec Fri

Below ft. Charles D

Feb Thu

The Tie Dye Ninjas


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Crypto & Blockchain Community Meetup

Learn about crypto currency, blockchain and NFTs!

  • Wallets, Hot/Cold Storage
  • Safety & Security
  • Arts & Music Related Cryptos
  • Meet Other Community Members
  • NFTs, DEFI & DAOs!
  • Ask Questions & Share Ideas


IRL Underground has public events and private events for our member! Become a member today and enjoy many special benefits.


We invite our community to host events at IRL Underground! We have created an amazing space in the heart of RINO with everything you needed to throw a next level event!

Artist Grants

We are excited and honored to offer grants in partnership with other organizations to our members.

Crypto Integrated

We are creating a full IRL crypto powered ecosystem!  You’re able to make purchases with crypto, pay membership dues, and receive crypto airdops, NFTs, and grants.

IRL Wallet

We’ve created a fully functional wallet automatically generated for our members, you’ll receive airdrops, NFT, and other goodies here!  You are fully in control of your crypto and NFTs.

Crypto Meetups

Learn, share and create with an amazing group of like-minded individuals, we host meetups for all level and interests in crypto, blockchain and decentralization.

Crypto Partnerships

We strive to work with the best DAOs, crypto projects and platforms.  We welcome discussions on how we can work together to build community and push the movement forward.

Learning Opportunities

We host a variety of discussions, workshops and classes focused in art, technology, blockchain, security, DeFi, DAOs, NFTs and other areas of interest.


We are beyond excited to announce IRL Underground will have Funktion One Dance Stacks provided by What a Life Productions!  Our goal is to create the highest fidelity sound experience in the world.

Oct 30
Oct 21
Oct 16

Welcome To The 80s: An Interactive Art Show

Welcome To The 80s: An Interactive Art Show

A concert. A music video premiere. An art gallery. A celebration. Welcome to the 80s will feature interactive art exhibits that tell the story of Ytonez’ 80’s pop-inspired narrative music video. I Know is a neon drenched Cold War era espionage story about an American physicist’s mission to generate a super-soldier from photon energy before a Soviet spy can steal his creation. Live performances by Ytonez, a special guest, and DJs will rock the joint. Raffles will offer guests unique I Know merch and other prizes. We will include NFT offerings of props and art installations. The heart of this event is for the community and for local artists to collaborate in a vibrant and unforgettable environment.

Oct 07

Entrepreneurship & Art Panel at the University of Denver

A panel of creatives from different art disciplines discussing opportunities for creatives to build sustainable businesses and use digital tools and platforms to reclaim power from 3rd parties and build economic value for themselves. Panelists Annie Phillips, Shawna Shultz, Thomas

Sep 24
Sep 16
Sep 14
Sep 03

IRL Art, with the support of the Museum of Crypto Art present: U’R,L;

IRL Art, with the support of the Museum of Crypto Art present: U’R,L;

IRL Art, with the support of the Museum of Crypto Art present: U’R,L; a play on the Uniform Resource Locator (URL), through interconnection. inner, and internet connection. 10 artists are invited to nominate themselves to collaborate with their former self and 10 artists to collaborate with another genesis artist former self. The idea is for the artists to be in conversation and collaboration with their former self through their historical artworks in the Museum of Crypto Art’s permanent collection. The Museum of Crypto art has collected over 160 historical works of crypto art from leading innovators in the space. IRL Art will utilize one of MOCA’s Somnium Space parcels to build out a gallery space, and utilize Spheroid AR to activate the art in the physical location. You can see MOCA’s permanent collection, and learn more about the project here:

Aug 06

Not Safe For Work Galley Install

Not Safe For Work Galley Install

With social media platforms censoring artwork and limiting expression, this show is meant to explore artists whose work has been removed, or banned. Enabled by the anonymity of the blockchain, artists can have more control over their artwork, by creating unlockable content, and interacting with patrons in new, safer, more empowering ways. Artwork will be available in the form of NFTs, as well as physical paintings, and merchandise. This show celebrates sex and body positivity, and will remain a safe place of alleyship. Featured artists include: Lucine Visions, CreepyGirlCult, Spade Ink, NoKaylee, Zaida with more to be announced.

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